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Flux used in blast sintering ingredients
Source: | Author:aidaalloys | Published time: 2019-06-05 | 1430 Views | Share:
The flux particle size used in the blast sintering batch is less than 6 mm. The flux and quantity to be added shall be determined based on the blast furnace slag composition (ie slag type).
First, Siliceous flux Generally, quartz stone is used, containing more than SiO9%. If river sand or gold-bearing quartz stone is used, the SiO2 content can be appropriately reduced, but not less than 75%.
Second, iron flux Multi-purpose slag, containing more than 45% Fe. Iron filings or iron ore can also be used.
Third, block quartz stone (especially containing gold quartz stone), iron ore particle size greater than 30mm, can also be directly added to the blast furnace.