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Company Profile​
As a leading company loaded in China , aida alloys was established in 1991, specializing in providing quality, service and technology in ferrous and non ferrous metals and master alloys. 

Our plants in china produces a range of melting products such as alloys and compact a wide range of aluminium based grain refiners and master alloys used in the global Foundry and Iron&Steel industries, Our company was certified by ISO9001: 2000 in 2002.
The products have been exported to many countries in Asia, Europe, American, Japan and Asia.

Aida alloys Product range:

Aluminum grain refiner, Aluminum master alloys: altib, alsr10: alsi50, almn20, alti10, alv10, alzr10 in ingot, rod or castcut forms.

Alloying compact as tablet and briquette form: A controlled mixture of alloying element (75%,80%,85%,90%) in powder, sponge or needle form, aluminium powder and/or a sodium free non-hygroscopic flux. Elements available are Cu, Cr, Ni, Fe, Mn, Zn, Ti.

Ceramic foam filter: Its product range comprises standard pore size filters and phosphate-free, all ceramic bonded, fine pore filters. We can produce all kinds of size CFF to satisfy customers’ needs.

Aluminum melting Fluxes available in powder, granular and tablet form Silicon metal lumps: 553 441 3303 2202 2502.

Ferro alloys: Manganese Metal Lumps, Manganese Metal Powder,Manganese Metal Briquette,Medium Ferro Manganese,Low Carbon Ferro Manganese.