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Introduction to aluminothermic production process
Source: | Author:aidaalloys | Published time: 2019-06-05 | 1541 Views | Share:
Aluminium process The method of producing iron alloys using aluminum as a restorative agent. The use of aluminum to restore the chemical reaction heat released by certain metal oxides can complete the oxide recovery response and obtain separate alloys and slag without the need to compensate for heat from the outside. The aluminothermic method and the silicon thermal method using silicon iron as a restoring agent belong to the same method of producing iron alloy by self-heating reaction, and are called metal heat method, which is also called the furnace method. They use aluminum particles, ferrosilicon powder or aluminum-magnesium alloy powder as a restorative agent. The aluminothermic method is primarily used to produce iron alloys, intermediate alloys, chromium and manganese containing high melting point metals and difficult to recover elements. The product features a very low carbon content (generally <0.05%). Aluminium thermal production equipment is simple, small footprint, production planning can be determined according to the mission, more varieties of products, short production cycle and other characteristics.