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  • Analysis of Thermal Energy Saving Effect of Melted Aluminum High Temperature Far Infrared Coatings

    High-temperature air combustion in the process of melting aluminum changes the traditional combustion mode. The method of flue gas recirculation or direct injection combustion in the fuel furnace is mainly manifested by the combustion air of the ceramic honeycomb body being preheated to above 1000 °C, with appropriate The velocity is sprayed into the furnace and mixed with the combustion products in the furnace under the action of high-speed air entrainment and agitation. 21% of the oxygen in the air is diluted and burned in a low oxygen concentration (5% lower than 6.5%) fluid at a high temperature. Combustion under air conditions can achieve low air-fuel combustion and reduce oxidative burning of aluminum.

  • Aluminum alloy melt filtration purification technology

    The inclusions and gases in the metal have a significant influence on the strength fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking performance of the material. Effectively controlling the oxidation inclusions of the melt to improve the quality of the cast rod is a common goal pursued by the aluminum industry. At present, filtration purification methods are widely used to remove inclusions in aluminum alloy melts.

  • Aluminum alloy hot top electromagnetic casting technology

    The difference between the hot top electromagnetic casting method and the ordinary electromagnetic casting method is that a special shield structure is adopted, and a hot-top constrained liquid column top melt forming is made of a refractory material inside, that is, the hot top has a function of a shield cover.

  • Rare earth heat stabilizer

    Rare earth heat stabilizers were first developed by China in the late 1970s. Rare earth stabilizers are suitable for soft, hard and transparent and opaque PVC products because of their non-toxic, high-efficiency and versatile, and suitable price. It is expected to gradually replace general heat stabilizers and organotin. At the same time, the rare earth heat stabilizer also has the advantages of non-toxic and environmental protection. The oral toxicity of various rare earth compounds is on the level of low toxicity or slightly toxic.