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Analysis of Thermal Energy Saving Effect of Melted Aluminum High Temperature Far Infrared Coatings
Source: | Author:aidaalloys | Published time: 2019-06-05 | 3537 Views | Share:
High-temperature air combustion in the process of melting aluminum changes the traditional combustion mode. The method of flue gas recirculation or direct injection combustion in the fuel furnace is mainly manifested by the combustion air of the ceramic honeycomb body being preheated to above 1000 °C, with appropriate The velocity is sprayed into the furnace and mixed with the combustion products in the furnace under the action of high-speed air entrainment and agitation. 21% of the oxygen in the air is diluted and burned in a low oxygen concentration (5% lower than 6.5%) fluid at a high temperature. Combustion under air conditions can achieve low air-fuel combustion and reduce oxidative burning of aluminum.